Kid's Corner

Children grow quickly! Have the little ones measured every 3 to 4 months.

Children grow quickly! Measure little ones’ feet every three to four months.

Poorly fitting children’s shoes can cause a number of problems in adulthood, including hammer toes, ingrown toenails, foot corns, calluses, and bunions. According to a study reported by Consumer Affairs, 65% of children wear shoes that are too small, while 30% of foot issues are irreversible. Given the high level of pain and discomfort that these problems can cause, ensuring that a child’s shoe is fitted appropriately is key to prevention.

The most important factor in children’s footwear is proper fit, preferably by a trained professional.


Design-a-Shoe Contest

Kids, use your imaginations to design any shoe – a flying shoe, a high heel shoe, high-tech or high fashion! You could win a pair of sneakers or other neat stuff for back to school. Design-a-Shoe is held every August.